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The air velocity sensors function in line with the principle of hot film anemometry. The high quality sensors guarantee maximum sensitivity even at minimal speeds. At the same time, the innovative design of the sensor heads permits reliable measurement results of the air velocity of up to 40m/s.

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Measuring Method

E+E air velocity sensors operate based on the hot-film anemometry principle which make use of E+E thin-film elements specially developed for the automotive industry.

Due to their small mass and dimensions, the E+E air velocity sensors offer highest sensitivity even close to 0 m/s air speed. The innovative design of the sensor head around the sensing elements allows reliable measurement up to 40 m/s (131 ft/s) .

Air velocity transmitters from E+E Elektronik fulfil the accuracy, long term stability and reproducibility requirements of various industries, from building automation and ventilation to clean rooms, laminar flow monitoring and industrial process control.