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CO2 measurement

The CO2 measurement with patented auto-calibration for climate technology and building management is based on a 2-source, 2-beam process. CO2 measurement with long-term stability is guaranteed thanks to the proven NDIR CO2 measurement cell.

Measuring method

The system used at E+E Elektronik featuring patented auto-calibration is based on a 2-source/2-beam method with detection of a wavelength of IR light fine-tuned to CO2.

The two IR sources have different working cycles: One IR source is responsible for the measurement and generates a measurement signal every 30 seconds. The other IR source serves as a reference for auto-calibration that is active only twice in 24h. In view of the minimal operating time of the reference source its ageing is virtually zero and therefore negligible. The non-drift reference signal is used to recalibrate the drift of the measurement source. 

The years of experience E+E has gained in thin-film technology and the advantages of state-of-the-art clean rooms are reflected in the IR measuring cell. Gold-plated beam channels and the assembly of the measuring cell under clean room conditions are important prerequisites for stable CO2 measurement in the long term. Highly accurate and reproducible calibration is a further essential feature.


  • Uncomplicated drift compensation by means of a stable IR reference source
  • Only one IR wavelength filter required
  • Clear-cut design of measuring cell as there is no need for second IR detector
  • Membrane-covered measuring cell for effective protection against dust and particles