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Humidity transmitter for accurate measurement up to 180°C

The optimal hardware structure of the humidity transmitters EE31 for varying applications is achieved by combining various standard mechanical and electronic modules.

Besides relative humidity and temperature following quantities are also measured:

  • absolute humidity
  • dewpoint temperature
  • frostpoint temperature
  • specific enthalpy
  • wet bulb temperature
  • water vapour partial pressure
  • mixture ratio

By selecting a suitable housing version the humidity transmitter EE31 can be used for the entire range of humidity measurement applications:

  • Model A: wall mounting
  • Model B: duct mounting
  • Model D: remote sensing probe for -40...180°C
  • Model E: remote pressure tight sensing probe for 0,01...15 bar

EE31 - Network via Ethernet and RS485-interface:

Humidity transmitters EE31 can be networked easily by means of a standard Ethernet-port or the RS485-interface. This way remote monitoring and data logging are provided in an easy way.The measured and calculated data is stored in a database on the PC which is available for further processing by use of the E+E data logging and analysis software.

Humidity transmitter EE31 Humidity transmitter EE31
Techn. data
Measuring range 0-100% RH; -40...180 °C and derived quantities
Outputs 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA
Serial interface RS232C + optional RS485
Accuracy ±1.3% RH; ±0.2 °C
Supply 24V AC/DC
HA010101Membrane filter
membrane filter


material: PC
special PTFE foil laminated on plastic carrier
size of pores: 1 µm
length: 34mm (1.34")


average filter effect temperatures up to max. 80°C (176°F)
t1000: 15s

Typical applications

building automation

Suitable for Products: