Industrial Measurement

It could be argued that humidity plays a part in every industrial production process. The very fact that our own atmosphere contains water vapour bears witness to this fact even if it is only that the end product is likely to be stored and eventually used in our environment. The extent to which humidity plays a part in any given production process may vary but in many cases it is essential that, at the very least, it is monitored and, in most cases, controlled.

Product range


Humidity sensors and transmitters for process control, HVAC, OEM and mass applications

Air Velocity

Air flow measurement for climatic and clean room technology based on the anemometer principle.

Dew Point

Dew point sensors / transmitters with auto-calibration for the measurement of low dewpoints.


Thermal mass flowmeter for compressed air and non-corrosive gases.

Moisture in Oil

Oil condition sensors for moisture measurement in insulation, lubrication, transmission and hydraulic oils.


Temperature sensors and transmitters for HVAC and process control.

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