Humidity Measurement - From the Sensing Element to the Humidity Transmitter

It could be argued that humidity plays a part in every industrial production process. The very fact that our own atmosphere contains water vapour bears witness to this fact even if it is only that the end product is likely to be stored and eventually used in our environment. The extent to which humidity plays a part in any given production process may vary but in many cases it is essential that, at the very least, it is monitored and, in most cases, controlled.



Humidity and Temperature Sensor for High Humidity and Chemically Polluted Conditions

High-end industrial humidity and temperature sensor for accurate and long-term stable measurement in demanding applications from -80 °C to 180 °C (-112 °F to 356 °F) and 300 bar (4 351 psi).


Intrinsically Safe Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Reliable measurement of relative humidity (RH) and temperature (T) in explosion hazard areas. Complies with the ATEX (Europe) and IECEx (international) classifications for application in gas up to Zone 1.


Modular Humidity / Temperature Sensor

Highly accurate humidity/temperature sensor for demanding climate control, agriculture and pharma industry with an interchangeable sensor module, sealed contact points and protected RH/T sensing element.


Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for Intrinsically Safe Applications

Measurement of humidity and temperature in explosion hazard areas for gas and dust. It complies with the classifications for Europe (ATEX), International (IECEx) and USA / Canada (FM).


Industrial Humidity and Temperature Sensor for Permanent High-Humidity and Polluted Environment

High accuracy measurement of relative humidity, temperature and dew point even at high humidity close to condensation or at high chemical load.

Humor 20

Humidity Calibration with a High-End Humidity Calibrator

High accuracy humidity calibration with two-pressure humidity generator. Traceable to international standards.

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