Dew Point Calibration

The E+E accredited dew point calibrations impress with a very low measurement uncertainty and a range from -90 °C (-130 °F) frost point to +95 °C (203 °F) dew point.
Standard calibrations are performed in nitrogen. Calibrations of dew point hygrometers in other carrier gases such as methane are possible upon request. Special calibrations of dew point meters and dew point mirrors are possible in the Designated Institute.

Scope of Accreditation E+E Calibration Laboratory

Calibration Calibration object Measurement conditions Measurement range1) Calibration uncertainty
NMI Lab Special calibration of air velocity measuring instruments in the Designated Institute BEV/E+E
AA 0608 Lab Dew point hygrometer (Dew point mirror)
Dew point transmitter (Dew point hygrometer)
Air pressure max.
10 bar for tf = -60 ° = 95 °C
(950 ± 150) mbar for tf < -60 °C
-75...<-55 °C
-55...<-22.5 °C
-22.5...70 °C
>70...95 °C
0.05 - (55 + tf) * 0.01 K
0.05 K
0.035 K
0.045 K
AA 0608 Lab Dew point hygrometer (Dew point mirror)
Dew point transmitter (Dew point hygrometer)
Pressure range 1...100 bar
Air or nitrogen2)
-90...<-80 °C
-80...<-55 °C
-55...<-25 °C
-25...20 °C
0.2 - (80 + tf) * 0.02 K
0.05 - (55 + tf) * 0.006 K
0.05 K
0.035 K

1) According to the BIPM Service category 3.1, „dew point“ is used as denomination for the measurand. For values < 0 °C the value refers to frost point. Calibration for values < 0 °C can also be carried out for the calculated dew point temperature.
2) Other gases, such as methane upon request

Calibration Procedure

In a dual pressure humidity generator, air is generated with a defined mole fraction (water/gas) with a maximum gas flow of 5 l/min under normal conditions (displayed). This gas flow is conveyed to the test sample and at the sample location, generates a defined dew point temperature depending on the pressure. As an option, the test sample can be temperaturestabilised in a measurement chamber. The calibration system is the Austrian national standard for air humidity.

Calibration Inquiry

Accompanying Slip

For efficient processing of your calibration order, please also send us a fully completed accompanying slip with the measuring device to be checked. 

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