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+ + + Update: 06.05.2020 + + +

In Austria, as in some other countries, the number of Covid-19 infections is dropping. A development that gives us reason for cautious optimism. However, despite initial easing of public tensions, we do not expect a rapid return to normality.

The measures taken at E+E to protect our employees are now well established and enable us to be there for our customers as usual. The E+E crisis management team evaluates the situation day by day to ensure this continues.

E+E is producing at full capacity in order to fulfill and deliver orders as quickly as possible. However, logistics and supply bottlenecks as well as increases in the price lead to an increasingly tight sourcing situation for required parts and components. We do everything possible to ensure security of supply in the interests of our customers. Despite all our efforts, delivery times might be longer. Therefore, we would like to ask you to consider those circumstances in planning your next order placements. Please contact your personal E+E contact for more details.

The following still applies: WE ARE THERE FOR YOU!

+ + + Update: 01.04.2020 + + +

Update on Logistic situation

We all experience travel bans and flight cancellations as a result to the actions to fight against the rapid spreading of the Covid-19 Virus.

Those travel bans lead to scarce resources for air carriage and therefore to longer lead times for transportation as well as an increase in logistics-costs.

As our production is still running on full capacities we work very hard to improve lead times on our side in order to compensate for longer delivery times. Nevertheless, we ask you for your understanding if planned delivery dates cannot be met or logistic cost are increasing due to the actual situation.

As of right now, we cannot estimate the full impact of the Covid-19 Virus in the upcoming months but we are posting any new development for that matter on our webpage.

Statement 01.04.2020

+ + + Update: 22.03.2020 + + +

Important things first: As of right now so far E+E is still working and productive, employees are healthy and safe.

E+E Elektronik and its employees are following the rules imposed by the Austrian government on 16.03.2020 and practicing the principle of “Social Distancing” and we have ensured to undertake everything possible to protect our employees to the highest degree.

E+E Elektronik has an emergency pandemic plan for such situations in place and we were not caught unprepared by the sudden spreading of the Virus here in Austria/Europe.

Since 16.03.2020 we have put several actions in place to fight against the spreading and we do have more to activate once needed. A cross-functional team throughout the company is following the situation very closely and the plan is constantly optimized to deliver the maximum output whilst keeping to highest safety standards for our colleagues.

Our production is fully productive, our supply-chain is still intact and supplies come in.

Also your contacts in all departments (Sales, Service, Purchasing, Quality, Development,…) are still available and always there for you as you experienced in the past. That means E+E Elektronik is still working to a very high level in regards to customer service.

Nevertheless, as we needed to rearrange some teams in the production lines, change processes in order to react to the spreading of the Virus, we do expect longer lead times for your orders. Please keep that in mind and if possible order earlier to get the products in time. Please also check the logistics situation, which is highly dynamic in those times and cannot be foreseen for the near future.

E+E Elektronik is well prepared for the upcoming weeks and we hope that the spreading of the Virus is slowing down soon- for the safety of all of us.

In order to stay updated, please return to this page to get the latest news.



+ + + Update: 12.03.2020 + + +

Due to sufficient stocks of components and our secured sourcing plan we are currently having no issues in our production lines or expect bettle necks in the near foreseen future.

Despite our good internal capacities as well as our production and sourcing planning, we see a global trend towards a tight sourcing market for electronic components. We are in constant and direct contact with our suppliers in order to limit any shortage in supply and to ensure our lead times.

As of right now, we cannot estimate the impact of the Corona Virus in the upcoming months and we will keep you posted in any case.

Statement 12.03.2020

+ + + Update: 25.02.2020 + + +

Due to the sufficient stocks of our components which are sourced directly from China, we are confident that there will be no supply bottlenecks.

We have been observing the current situation very closely and are in contact constantly with our suppliers and partners in China. This is how we are able to ensure that we can inform you in enough time of any delays in the supply chain.

Statement 25.02.2020