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Show Preview: Electronica Munich, Nov. 13 – 16, 2018

Miniature CO2 Sensor Module Measures Four Climate Parameters

The Austrian sensor specialist E+E Elektronik presents its new EE895 digital miniature sensor for CO2, relative humidity, temperature and ambient pressure at Electronica Munich, Nov. 13 – 16, 2018. Temperature and pressure compensation ensures high CO2 measurement accuracy under changing ambient conditions. Digital interfaces facilitate the design-in of the module. At the E+E booth B3-411 the visitors can learn also about E+E sensing elements for humidity, temperature and air velocity as well as about the company's portfolio of measurement devices.

EE895 CO2 Sensor with Pressure Compensation

The EE895 measures CO2 concentration up to 10000 ppm (1 % CO2). The dual wavelength NDIR technology is particularly long-term stable and insensitive to contamination. The factory multipoint CO2 and temperature adjustment leads to highly accurate CO2 measurement over a wide temperature range of -40...+85 °C (-40...185 °F).

The influence of the ambient pressure on the CO2 measurement is automatically compensated using the on-board pressure sensor. The EE895 is therefore ideal for devices exposed to weather changes or operated at various altitudes.

The small dimensions of only 30 x 15 x 8 mm, the choice of mounting options, very low power consumption as well as I2C and UART interfaces facilitate the design-in of the sensor.

Sensing Elements for Humidity, Temperature and Air Velocity

In addition to the EE895, further sensing elements will be presented at the E+E stand:

• EEH110/210 - The digital humidity and temperature sensors with I²C, PWM, PDM, SPI interface, analog voltage output and 3 V or 5 V supply stand for best performance and long-term stability even in demanding environment.

• HMC03M - The humidity sensor for radiosondes is dedicated for weather observation in the upper atmosphere. An integrated heating resistor ensures excellent measuring performance and a short response time under condensation and icing conditions.

• HCT01 / HC109 - The SMD capacitive humidity sensors combine high-quality, long-term proven E+E thin-film sensor technology with easy handling allow for cost-effective signal processing.

• VTQ - The flow sensor works on the hot film anemometer principle. Due to its innovative flow profile it is particularly resistant to contamination. State-of-the-art transfer molding technology gives the thin-film sensor a high mechanical stability.

Comprehensive Measuring Instruments Portfolio

Measuring instruments from E+E Elektronik can be used in a wide range of applications, such as automotive, industrial process control, meteorology or building automation. The portfolio presented at the Electronica includes sensors and transmitters for humidity, temperature, dew point, CO2, air velocity, mass flow, moisture in oil as well as differential pressure.

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DE Miniatur CO2 Sensor Modul misst vier Klima-Messgrößen
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