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EE04 compact humidity and temperature probe is optimised for OEM applications. It offers high accuracy and long term stability at an outstanding price / performance ratio.

The relative humidity output is a linear voltage, the temperature output is a voltage divider with NTC sensor. With optional E+E proprietary sensor coating EE04 can be employed even in polluted and corrosive environment.

The mounting flange and the plug connection allow for easy mounting onto a duct and for fast replacement of the probe. With the right choice of enclosure and front-end filter EE04 can tackle a multitude of OEM applications.

Technical data

  • 0...95% RH
    -40...85 °C (-40...185 °F)

    Measuring range
  • ±3% RH
    ±0.5 °C (±0.9 °F)

  • linearer voltage

    Output humidity
  • NTC voltage divider

    Output temperature
  • 5V DC


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