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The Humlog 20 data logger is ideally suited for climate monitoring in a wide range of applications such as:

  • Residential and commercial building automation
  • Museums and exhibition halls
  • Clean roomsStorage areas
  • Computing centres, Switching cabinets
  • Calibration laboratories

Key features

  • Continuous data recording over long periods owing to the long battery life and the large data memory.
  • The data loggers can operate in an Ethernet network. The measured data is available in real time and it can be displayed and saved simultaneously on a computer.
  • Maximum reliability of measurement data transmission is guaranteed by the integrated Ethernet interface.
  • Easy evaluation and visualisation of measurement data. The powerful SmartGraph3 software is included in the scope of supply.
  • Local visual and acoustic alarms for fast decisions in the field.
  • Modern enclosure with large display.
Measurement CategoriesModel THIModel THIPModel TCO
Temperature (air)
Relative humidity
Absolute humidity
Dew point temperature
Barometric air pressure
Relative air pressure
CO2 Concentration

Technical data

  • 10...95 % RH
    -20...50 °C (-4…120 °F)
    300...1300 hPa
    0...5000 ppm CO2

    Measuring range
  • ±2 % RH
    ±0.3 °C
    0.5 hPa
    ±(50 ppm +3 % of measured value)

  • USB and LAN (ethernet)

  • 4 x LRG AA batteries or via USB


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  • What is the difference between a 2 wire and a 3 wire current output?

    Transmitter with "two-wires" technology receive the power from the process, and the signal is carry on return wire (closed current loop). With technology "three-wires" the power supply is separate from current output: 2 wires are the power supply and third carry the signal.