Domande che riguardano i prodotti?

The Humlog 20 E data logger features one digital and two analogue inputs. Up to 4 humidity and temperature digital probes Logprobe 20 can be connected to the digital input.

The analogue inputs can accomodate:

  • 4...20 mA
  • 0...20 mA
  • 0...1 V
  • Pt100 3-wire
  • Pt100 4-wire
  • Thermocouple K, J, S

Key features

  • Continuous data recording over long periods owing to the long battery life and the large data memory.
  • The data loggers can operate in an Ethernet network. The measured data is available in real time and it can be displayed and saved simultaneously on a computer.
  • Maximum reliability of data aquisition due to integrated Ethernet interface.
  • Easy evaluation and visualisation of measurement data. The powerful SmartGraph3 software is included in the scope of supply.
  • Local visual and acoustic alarms for fast decisions in the field.
  • Modern enclosure with large display.

Dati Tecnici

  • Voltage, Current, Pt100, Thermocouple, digital RH/T-Sensor

  • USB and LAN (Ethernet)

  • battery 4 x LRG AA or USB


Domande che riguardano i prodotti?

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