Building Information Modeling (BIM) – Efficient Building Planning Using Consistent Data Models

Building Information Modeling, BIM

Planners and general contractors are increasingly using digital models when constructing new buildings. These models accompany a building throughout its entire life cycle and form the basis for continuous support for all trades – from planning through to maintenance.

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) method requires a shared database for all components. E+E Elektronik makes the information models of its HVAC sensors required for this available to building planners in the form of BIM files.

The Digital Twin Exists from the Outset

Building Information Modeling (BIM) was defined by the US National Institute of Building Science (NIBS) as "the digital twin of the physical and functional properties of an object". It enables a working methodology in which each trade has access to accurate information for its specific requirements.

A building information model contains all the information required for the individual stages of the life cycle, such as design, construction, management, energy consumption, building efficiency, maintenance and disposal. 

Building Information Modeling facilitates collaboration between all project partners during the different phases of the building life cycle. The precondition for this is a data format that allows interoperability and free exchange of data in a secure way, without errors and/or loss of information.

BIM/IFC Files – Open File Format Enables Free Exchange of Data

In contrast to proprietary solutions, open models allow a free exchange of data between different software platforms. Closed file formats which can only be read by a few certified software platforms make cooperation and an open exchange between platforms difficult and complex.

Open IFC File Format

The data exchange in Building Information Modeling is based on the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) format. This open file format enables the free data exchange of information models in the form of "BIM files".

BIM Files for HVAC Sensors by E+E Elektronik

E+E Elektronik supports the "OpenBIM" approach and provides corresponding BIM files in IFC format for all its HVAC sensors. These files enable building designers to integrate the sensors into their digital building models. 

The following BIM-relevant data is included in the IFC file:

  • Geometry data
  • Physical quantities
  • Measuring range(s)
  • Output (data provisioning type)
  • Supply
  • Material
Open Link in LightboxEE210 humidity and temperature sensor
E+E Elektronik provides BIM files for its HVAC sensors such as the EE210 humidity and temperature sensor.

Download BIM Files Free of Charge

The BIM files of the E+E sensors for humidity, temperature and CO2 are available to download for free on the respective product page and via the Download-Center on the E+E website. Go to E+E sensors for building automation »


Do you need support in integrating our HVAC sensors into your Building Information Modeling project? We are happy to advise you! 

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