Buying a CO₂ Traffic Light – What You Need to Consider

Buying a CO₂ traffic light – what to consider before your purchase

Simplicity of use and the massive benefits in containing the spread of the Corona virus are driving the demand for CO2 traffic lights. These user-friendly devices tell you when a room needs to be ventilated. 

Anyone wanting to buy a CO2 traffic light today will be confronted with a large number of different suppliers for CO2 traffic lights. To find the right one, it makes sense to check three points before buying the devices. 

Outlining the Requirements Before Buying a CO₂ Traffic Light

1. Portable Use or Wall-Mounted?

The CO2 measuring devices are suitable for either wall-mounted or free-standing use. Possible installation or mounting locations for a CO2 traffic light should be determined in advance. This helps to ensure the best possible measurement in each room and that the devices offer the flexibility the user needs for the respective application. 

An example: for a heavily-frequented reception area, it makes sense to permanently mount the CO2 traffic light on the wall as the users of the room change frequently. This protects the device against falling over or down. On the other hand, people responsible for conference rooms that are used occasionally will want to purchase a CO2 traffic light that can also be used as a portable desktop device. The CO2 traffic light can simply be taken to another room when needed. 

The practical requirements for a CO2 traffic light can be quickly defined by asking a simple question about its location. This already takes users a good deal closer to answering the question "Which CO2 traffic light should I buy?". 

In terms of user-friendliness and flexibility, devices that support permanent mounting and free-standing applications offer a clear advantage.

CO₂ Guard 10. The CO2 traffic light from Austria's sensor specialist. Flexible wall-mounting or for use as a desktop device.

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2. Battery or Cable?

Battery-powered CO2 traffic lights offer an advantage over wired devices in that they work independently of external power sources. With regard to the choice of location, the purchase of battery-powered CO2 traffic lights offers flexibility on top. Make sure that the batteries can be replaced easily, without tools.  

3. Relying on Quality 

Potential customers can purchase a CO2 traffic light online with just one click. If you value reliable measurement results and a long service life of the CO2 traffic light, make sure you find out more about the manufacturer in advance. After all, the heart of a CO2 traffic light is the built-in sensing element. It definitely makes sense to avoid letting the price alone guide your CO2 traffic light purchasing decision. The following questions can be used to quickly create a manufacturer profile:  

  • What experience in sensor technology does the manufacturer have?
  • For how long has the company been producing measuring devices for determining the CO2 content? 
  • What calibration know-how does the company have? 
  • Which technologies are used and which quality standards does the supplier adhere to?

An established sensor manufacturer will usually have many years of calibration expertise and be able to ensure high measurement accuracy. On the other hand, if a supplier does not provide any information on the installed sensor technology and the accuracy of the CO2 measurement, a trusting consumer is left in the dark. After all, it is not so easy for a user to check whether the sensor technology is of high quality. It is only when devices demonstrate their longevity that it becomes clear that relying on quality pays dividends.

Are You Looking to Purchase a CO₂ Traffic Light?

CO₂ Guard 10. The CO2 traffic light from Austria's sensor specialist  

  • For on-demand ventilation in schools and public buildings 
  • Ready for immediate use with AAA batteries included 
  • Easy wall mounting or can be used as a desktop device 
  • High-quality CO2 sensing module with integrated pressure and temperature compensation
  • Maintenance-free thanks to smart auto-calibration

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CO₂ Guard 10
The CO₂ Guard 10 from E+E Elektronik measures the CO₂ concentration in indoor spaces, such as classrooms, offices or meeting rooms.
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