Webinar: Climate Control in Greenhouses – Accurate CO₂, Humidity and Temperature Measurement

Webinar: Climate Control in Greenhouses

The right climate in greenhouses is crucial for healthy plant growth. Accurate monitoring of relative humidity, temperature and CO2 levels has a direct impact on the quality and yield of plants cultivated in the greenhouse. Due to the challenging environmental conditions, the demands on the sensors used for climate monitoring are particularly high. Contamination by fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, the use of cleaning agents as well as high humidity can affect the measuring performance and service life of the sensors.

In this live webinar, you will learn more about the challenges of climate monitoring in greenhouses, which E+E sensors are suitable for this application and how you can ensure high measurement accuracy in the long term.

The Webinar Content at a Glance

  • Advantages and key factors of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)
  • Relevant climate parameters / Principles of humidity and CO2 measurement
  • Challenges for climate sensors in greenhouses 
  • Calibration and service options
  • Humidity and temperature measurement with the EE212
  • CO2 measurement with the EE872


Who Is the Webinar For?

  • Greenhouse operators
  • Manufacturers of climate control systems for greenhouses
  • Agricultural/ application engineers, product managers

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Duration of the webinar: 35 min, Language: English

Maurizio Cenzato


Maurizio Cenzato

Technical Training Manager

Maurizio Cenzato has a strong technical background with a diploma in electronics and telecommunications and years of experience in the electronics and industrial automation industry as product and sales manager. 

Joining E+E Elektronik in 2011 as area sales manager in Italy, he has been in the Product Management team at the E+E headquarters in Austria since 2017, actively contributing to the development of new products and the improvement of existing ones. 

As technical training manager, Maurizio shares his comprehensive and in-depth knowledge on E+E products, applications and measurement basics in webinars and regular training sessions.

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