Webinar: Humidity and Temperature Monitoring in Wood Drying

Webinar: Humidity and Temperature Monitoring in Wood Drying

Humidity and Temperature Monitoring in Wood Drying

Freshly cut wood has a high water content. Before it can be used as construction timber or processed into other wood products, the excess moisture needs to be removed from it. For this purpose, what is known as the green wood is stored in special drying chambers, where it is dried in a hot air stream until the desired residual moisture level is reached.

Depending on the type of wood, the drying process can take from a few days to several weeks and requires a great deal of energy. To ensure energy-efficient operation and optimum drying results, the climatic conditions in the drying chamber must be precisely controlled and monitored. 

In our live webinar, you will learn how to optimise the drying process with the help of humidity and temperature sensors and also discover which sensors are suitable for this purpose.

Webinar Content

  • Types of wood drying systems and their operating principle 
  • Humidity measurement with capacitive humidity/temperature sensors
  • Special requirements for sensors for wood drying kilns 
  • How to optimise the drying process and reduce costs with humidity and temperature sensors


Who Is the Webinar For?

  • Manufacturers and suppliers of wood drying systems
  • Wood drying kiln operators and application engineers


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Duration of the webinar recording: ca. 30 min, Language: English


Maurizio Cenzato

Technical Training Manager

Maurizio Cenzato has a strong technical background with a diploma in electronics and telecommunications and years of experience in the electronics and industrial automation industry as product and sales manager. 

Joining E+E Elektronik in 2011 as area sales manager in Italy, he has been in the Product Management team at the E+E headquarters in Austria since 2017, actively contributing to the development of new products and the improvement of existing ones. 

As technical training manager, Maurizio shares his comprehensive and in-depth knowledge on E+E products, applications and measurement basics in webinars and regular training sessions.

Maurizio Cenzato


Karl Gusenbauer 

Application Segment Manager 

Karl Gusenbauer has worked for E+E Elektronik for 30 years; as Application Segment Manager, he deals with the various fields of application for E+E sensors on a daily basis.

As a long-standing sales manager with extensive application know-how, Karl is familiar with global market requirements and the special metrological challenges of a wide variety of industries. 

With his application expertise, Karl supports his colleagues in technical sales in always finding the optimal solution for their customers.

Karl Gusenbauer
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