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19. November 2015

Calibration at the Highest Level

Calibration Certificates from E+E Elektronik Carry the CIPM MRA Logo

E+E Elektronik maintains the national standards for humidity and air velocity in Austria as a designated laboratory of the Federal Office for Metrology, BEV (Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen). Recently, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) authorized E+E Elektronik to use the CIPM MRA logo (International Committee for Weights and Measures - Mutual Recognition Arrangement) on its BEV/E+E calibration certificates.

Only National Metrological Institutes (NMI) and their designated laboratories, which are the highest metrological authorities of a country, are permitted to use the CIPM MRA logo. The prerequisite for this is that their Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMC) data is listed in the BIPM Key Comparison Database (KCDB). A certificate issued by a laboratory under the CIPM MRA is accepted by assessors from Conformity Assessment Bodies with the highest level of confidence.

As designated laboratory of the BEV, E+E Elektronik is an implicit cosignatory of the MRA. The E+E calibration laboratory undergoes regular audits by international experts, participates in international measurement comparisons and established a quality management system certified according to ISO 17025.

E+E Elektronik offers calibration services for humidity, dewpoint, air velocity, gas mass flow, temperature, CO2 and pressure. Calibrations are carried out either in the designated laboratory (NMI) or the accredited OEKD calibration laboratory. Additionally, the E+E service department performs in-house or on-site ISO calibrations according to the E+E standard.

The website provides an overview of all E+E calibration services including online calibration request.


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DE Kalibrierzertifikate von E+E Elektronik führen CIPM MRA-Logo
EN Calibration Certificates from E+E Elektronik Carry the CIPM MRA Logo