CO₂ Sensor for Demanding Applications

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The EE820 measures reliably CO₂ concentration in harsh, demanding applications. A multipoint CO₂ and temperature factory adjustment leads to excellent accuracy over the entire temperature working range.

  • EE820 CO₂ sensor for wall mounting

    The EE820 incorporates the E+E dual wavelength NDIR CO₂ sensor, which compensates for ageing effects, is highly insensitive to pollution and offers outstanding long term stability.

    With its robust, functional IP54 enclosure and a special filter, the EE820 is suitable for polluted applications such as agriculture and livestock barns. The M12 connector facilitates the removal of the device before site cleaning operations. An optional kit allows for easy configuration and adjustment of the EE820.

    Typical Applications

    • Greenhouses
    • Fruit and vegetable storage
    • Hatchers and incubators
    • Life stock barns

    Key Features

    • E+E dual wavelength NDIR working principle
    • Measuring range up to 10,000 ppm
    • Auto-calibration for excellent long term stability
    • Very low temperature dependency
    • Highly insensitive to pollution
    • Voltage or current output
    • Fast and easy installation
    • Easy user configuration and adjustment

    Technical data

    Measuring range CO₂
    0...2000 ppm
    0...5000 ppm
    0...10000 ppm
    Accuracy CO₂ at 25 °C (77 °F) and 1013 mbar (14.7 psi)
    ± (50ppm + 2% of measuring value)
    ± (50ppm + 3% of measuring value)
    ± (100ppm + 5% of measuring value)
    Output analogue
    0-10 V or 4-20 mA
    24V AC/DC

    Calibrating your limits

    Your products and services can only be as precise as the tools you use to measure them. With more than 20 years of experience, the calibration team of E+E Elektronik focuses on providing a reliable service without any unnecessary delays or bias.

    Discover the value of working with an expert in calibration that prioritizes

    • accuracy,
    • fastness and
    • reliability

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    Planning Data


    Not at all. Do not temper in any way with the CO₂ sensing cell. Please see the operation manual of the specific E+E CO₂ measurement device.

    Please the section "Maintenance" in the operation manual.

    All E+E CO₂ measuring devices feature an auto-calibration function. For details please refer to "Principles of CO₂ measurement".

    Transmitter with "two-wire" technology receive the power from the process, and the signal is carried on return wire (closed current loop). With "three-wires" technology the power supply is separate from current output: 2 wires are the power supply and the third carries the signal.

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