Capacitive Humidity Sensing Element

The capacitive humidity sensors HCT01, HC109, HMC03M, HC103M2 and HC102 offer outstanding linearity, high sensitivity and long-term stability, as well as an excellent reproducibility of the sensor characteristic.

Capacitive Humidity Sensing Element Products


Pre-adjusted, Capacitive Humidity Sensor

Very robust RH/T sensor with integrated sensor coating. The pre-adjusted versions eliminate the need for humidity adjustment by the user.


Heated Humidity Sensor for Radiosondes

HMC03M is optimized for very short RH response time even at very low temperature in the upper atmosphere.


Very Fast Humidity Sensor for Radiosondes

With its short response time at low temperature HC103M2 is dedicated for radiosondes and demanding meteorology applications.


Miniature SMD Capacitive Humidity Sensor

With excellent price/performance ratio, HC109 has been specially designed for application with space restrictions.


Capacitive Humidity Sensor With Leads

High quality and excellent price/performance ratio, ideal for use in HVAC measuring devices.

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