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Flowmeter for compressed air and gases

Direct measurement of mass flow or standard volume flow in compressed air and non corrosive gases. The thermal mass flow meter uses the hot film anemometer principle for direct measurement of gas mass flow. An additional measuring of temperature and pressure is not necessary.

Irrespective of pressure and temperature, thermal mass flow meters register mass flow, volumetric flow or standard flow. The flow meters can be used effectively to measure the consumption of compressed air, nitrogen, helium, argon, CO2 or other non-corrosive gases.

At the heart of each flow meter there is an E+E hot-film sensor element, already proven millions of times over. The divice alignment under pressure in a high-precision massflow kalibrationfacility ensures high measurement accurancy. Without stopping operation, the flow meter can be removed in no time at all. This Plug & Play solution saves time and money and makes sure there is no interuption of operation.