Air Velocity Sensor for Laminar Flow Monitoring

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The EE680 is dedicated for precise measurement of the air velocity and monitoring the temperature in laminar flow. The GMP compliant design is ideal for cleanrooms and safety cabinets in pharmaceutical, life sciences and microelectronics industries.

  • EE680 air velocity sensor for laminar flow - straight version

  • EE680 air velocity sensor for laminar flow - angled version

  • Sigma 05 with air velocity sensor EE680

    Outstanding Measurement Performance
    The EE680 operates on the hot film anemometer principle. It employs an E+E thin film sensing element which stands for excellent accuracy down to 0.1 m/s (20 ft/min), outstanding long term stability and low angular dependency. The multipoint air velocity factory adjustment leads to best performance over the entire working range. The E+E proprietary coating protects the sensing element against H2O2 and corrosive cleaning agents.

    The EE680 is available as straight and angled version with various probe lengths and is optimized for easy cleaning. The mounting concept and the M12 stainless steel connector facilitate the easy installation or replacement of the sensor. A led ring integrated in the stainless steel enclosure shows the laminar flow conditions and the sensor status.

    Analogue and Digital Outputs
    The air velocity and temperature measured data is available as current or voltage analogue outputs or on the RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol, user selectable.

    Configurable and Adjustable
    The setup and adjustment of the EE680 can be easily performed with an optional adapter and the free PCS10 Product Configuration Software.

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    Sigma 05 - Modular Sensor Platform

    The EE680 is compatible with the Sigma 05 host device of the E+E Modular Sensor Platform. Together they become a versatile, plug-and-play Av/T modular sensor with analogue outputs and optional display. Besides EE680, Sigma 05 accommodates also other E+E intelligent sensing probes. See for further details.

    Sigma 05 with air velocity sensor EE680


    • Multipoint air velocity factory adjustment
    • Clean room compatible design following GMP standards
    • Stainless steel probe and sensing head
    • Sensing element with E+E proprietary Coating
    • Measurement range down to 0.1 m/s (20 ft/min)
    • Combined air velocity and temperature measurement
    • LED ring for condition visualization
    • Modbus RTU or analogue outputs
    • User configurable and adjustable

    Dati Tecnici

    0...2 m/s (0...400 ft/min)
    ACCURACY – AIR VELOCITY (mv =measured value)
    0.1...2 m/s (20...400 ft/min): ± (0.5 % of mv + 0.05 m/s)
    -20...70 °C (-4...158 °F)
    ±0.5 °C (±0.9 °F)
    0-5 V / 0-10 V or
    0-20 mA / 4-20 mA (3-wire)
    Modbus RTU

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