소형 오일 수분 센서

견고한 설계로 장기적으로 안정적인 측정값을 제공하는 오일 수분 센서 EE381은 다양한 오일 내 수분 함량 모니터링은 물론 플랜트 및 기계의 유지 보수에 이상적입니다.

지금 문의하세요

EE381은 수분 활성도[aw]와 온도[T]를 측정하고 디젤 연료뿐만 아니라 변압기, 윤활유 및 유압유의 수분함량[x]을 ppm 단위로 계산합니다.

측정 된 데이터는 4-20mA 또는 0-1/5/10V 아날로그 출력 및 LCD 디스플레이로 제품 액정에서 바로 확인 할 수 있습니다.

견고한 메탈 재질의 EE381 외형과 제품 몸체회전이 가능해 설치 및 LED상태 확인이 간편합니다.

무료제공 소프트웨어 EE-PCS와 옵션으로 구매 가능한 아답터를 사용해 EE381의 설정값을 간편하게 구성 및 조정할 수 있습니다.

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Key Features EE381

  • 측정: 수분활성도[aw], 온도[T] 및 수분함량x[ppm]
  • 최대 120°C(248°F)의 온도 적용가능
  • 4-20mA 또는 0-1/5/10V 아날로그 출력
  • LCD 디스플레이 창
  • LED 상태표시
  • 최대 20bar의 압력 적용가능
  • G½"ISO 또는 ½"NPT 연결
  • 제품 몸체회전 가능
  • 설정 값 구성 및 조정 가능

기술자료 EE381

  • 0...1 aw
    -40...120 °C (-40...248 °F)

    Measuring range
  • ±0.02 aw
    ±0.2 °C (±0.36 °F)

  • 0-1/5/10V or 0/4-20mA

  • 10-30V DC


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EE381 액세서리

  • HA010110

    Stainless steel filter


    Material: stainless steel
    Openings: ?3mm
    Length: 32mm (1.26")


    For moisture in oil transmitters and hand-helds

    Typical applications

    Hydraulic, lubrication and
    isolation oil monitoring


    Suitable for Products:

  • HA010304

    RS232 Interface Cable with Pin Connector


    • RS232 interface cable to connect directly on the board
    • cable length: 2m (6.6ft)

    Suitable for Products:

EE381 자주 묻는 질문

  • What is the calibration for a specific oil? What are specific oil parameter?

    Calibration for a specific oil is a laboratory procedure for determining the saturation curve of the oil. The saturation curved is described by two parameters (A and B). These parameters are used for setting up the moisture in oil sensor for correct calculation of the water content (ppm) out of the measured temperature and water activity (aw).

  • How can I replace the sensing element of the E+E MIO sensor?

    Sensor replacement is possible the EE360 models when option PC4 (pluggable probe). Please see the operation manual for detail and spare part code ordering guide.

  • How can I clean the sensing element of the E+E MIO sensor?

    Please see the cleaning instructions.

  • Can the coating be used for E+E MIO sensors?

    No, coating is not available for MIO sensors.

  • What kind of calibration certificate is included in the standard scope of supply of the E+E MIO sensors?

    The standard scope of supply of E+E MIO sensorsincludes an inspection certificate according DIN EN 10204 - 3.1. For details on calibration certificates please see our white paper "Calibration and Traceability in Measuring Technology".

  • Are there different A, B parameters for mineral transformer oil from various manufacturers?

    No, mineral transformer oils from different manufacturers are quite similar.. A and B parameters are the same.

  • What is the difference between a 2 wire and a 3 wire current output?

    Transmitter with "two-wires" technology receive the power from the process, and the signal is carry on return wire (closed current loop). With technology "three-wires" the power supply is separate from current output: 2 wires are the power supply and third carry the signal.

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