EE371 系列变送器使用了E+E公司创新研发的 HMC01温湿度敏感元件,配以久经考验的自动校准程序,使得变送器拥有优于±2°C露点温度的高精度和出众的长期稳定性。




Key Features EE371

  • 精度±2°C Td
  • 自动校准
  • 耐压高达100bar 
  • 360°可旋转前端

技术资料 EE371

  • -60...60 °C

  • ±2 °C

  • 0-1/5/10 V or 0/4-20 mA

  • 15-30 V DC



EE371 配件

  • HA010103

    Stainless steel sintered filter


    Material: sintered stainless
    Pores size: 10 µm
    Length: 33mm (1.30")


    For high mechanical stress and strong pollution

    T range: -40...180°C (-40...176°F)
    Response time t10/90: 30s

    Typical applications

    Industrial process control
    Life stock barns
    Unsuitable for condensing environment


    Suitable for Products:

  • HA010304

    RS232 Interface Cable with Pin Connector


    • RS232 interface cable to connect directly on the board
    • cable length: 2m (6.6ft)

    Suitable for Products:


  • What is the difference between dew point temperature and frost point temperature?

    The dew point temperature (Td) indicates where condensation begins. The frost point temperature (Td) indicates where icing begins.

  • Is the E+E dew point probe / sensing element wettable?

    Yes, the probe and the sensing element of all E+E dew point measurement devices is wettable.

  • Which E+E products are appropriate for low dew point measurement?

    Low dew point means the difference between the ambient temperature and the dew point temperature is higher than 40 °C (72 °F). This corresponds to RH < 5%.

    The appropriate products are the EE371 and EE355. Both devices feature an auto-calibration procedure.

  • What is the auto-calibration function at the E+E dew point measurement devices good for?

    The auto-calibration corrects periodically even the smallest drift of the capacitive sensor at very low relative humidity. This is neccessary for high accuracy and long term stability of the dew point measurement. The auto-calibration is performed every 30 minutes and takes approx. 3 minutes. During the auto-calibration, the output is frozen at the last measured dewpoint value.

  • Which E+E dew point measurement devices feature auto-calibration?

    Auto-calibration is used by EE371 and EE355.

  • What calibration certificate is included in the standard scope of supply of the E+E dew point sensors?

    The standard scope of supply of E+E dew point sensors includes an inspection certificate according DIN EN 10204 - 3.1. For details on calibration certificates please see page 5 in

  • Can E+E supply an accredited calibration certificate with the Dew point sensor?

    Accredited calibration certificate for dew point temperature is available upon request, please see our calibration website.

  • What is the difference between a 2 wire and a 3 wire current output?

    Transmitter with "two-wires" technology receive the power from the process, and the signal is carry on return wire (closed current loop). With technology "three-wires" the power supply is separate from current output: 2 wires are the power supply and third carry the signal.