Lowering of energy costs, acceleration of growth and extension of the possible storekeeping duration can be optimized by the precise measurement of humidity, CO₂-content and temperature. As different applications demand various adopted solutions for optimization of agricultural processes, E+E Elektronik provides a broad portfolio of agricultural monitoring products

Building Automation & HVAC

Apart from pleasant temperature adapted air, humidity and low CO₂-content are decisive for a comfortable room climate with optimized energy costs. Climatic measurement and regulation are not only crucial for the well-feeling factor but also play an important role for the conservation of exhibits

Chemical Industry

Safe and reliable system performance is essential in the chemical industry. State-of-the-art sensors play an essential role in this. Reliable measurement of humidity, temperature and dew point increases operating efficiency and reduces long-term maintenance costs.


High-quality sensor technology is essential for the efficient production of electronic components, battery cells and parts in order to guarantee quality and smooth processes. E+E Elektronik offers a comprehensive range in this area.

Food & Beverage

E+E Elektronik provides high-quality humidity and temperature sensors especially for the sensitive area of food processing.

Instrumentation & Household

The applications in the field of measurement and monitoring in laboratory environments in research and development, production, storage and distribution are diverse. This requires stationary and mobile sensors that are highly accurate, long-term stable and recalibratable.

Mechanical & Plant Engineering

E+E Elektronik sensors are used in a wide range of applications in machine and plant engineering. A special focus here is on industrial drying technology, where robust moisture measurement technology must withstand the demanding conditions.


Humidity and temperature play an important role in meteorology. Exact measurement of these climatic values is the basis for appropriate forecasts and significant recordings. For demanding applications - like the requirement to recognize the danger of icing up - special solutions like heated humidity sensors have to be used

Mining & Metallurgy

In many metallurgical processes, the residual moisture of plant-specific operating materials and lubricants is of central importance. To ensure perfect material quality and to prevent evaporation explosions, moisture sensors are installed directly in the hardening oil and measure the dissolved water content there.


For more than 20 years customers have been placing their trust in E+E humidity sensors. In the automotive industry capacitive humidity sensors are used in their millions in modern control circuits, disigned for the purpose of adapting fuel mixtures, controlling air conditioning systems or detecting fogged up windscreens

Petroleum & Petrochemical

Sensor technology is a critical factor in the oil and gas industry. Continuous monitoring and precise measurements are essential to minimize unexpected failures and maintenance. Sensors in this field must be extremely accurate, reliable, and safe, especially in the natural gas sector.

Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, it is crucial to use measurement technologies that are both long-term stable and highly accurate. The pharmaceutical industry sets high standards in the monitoring of critical production processes, especially with regard to the continuous monitoring of the working environment within defined limits.

Power Generation

Turbo generators are mainly used in combination with gas or steam turbines in medium to large thermal power plants to generate electrical energy. Here, the user faces particular challenges concerning the most efficient possible turbine operation, effective cooling of the downstream generator, and trouble-free operation of the step-up transformers.

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