Mechanical and Plant Engineering

E+E Elektronik sensors are used in a wide range of applications in machine and plant engineering. A special focus here is on industrial drying technology, where robust moisture measurement technology must withstand the demanding conditions.

Another feature of E+E Elektronik in the machine and plant sector is the wide working range of industrial sensors. The sensors are versatile and suitable for various industrial processes and safety-relevant measurements. They are ideal for very dry conditions even at high temperatures, long-term measurements in humid environments, vacuum and high-pressure applications. A specially developed protection of the sensor connection in combination with a unique sensor coating enables reliable and permanently stable measurement.

Product range


Humidity sensors and transmitters for process control, HVAC, OEM and mass applications

Dew Point

Dew point sensors / transmitters with auto-calibration for the measurement of low dewpoints.

Moisture in Oil

Oil condition sensors for moisture measurement in insulation, lubrication, transmission and hydraulic oils.


Thermal mass flowmeter for compressed air and non-corrosive gases.

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