Flow Meter for Compressed Air and Gases

High-quality sensor technology is essential for the efficient production of electronic components, battery cells and parts in order to guarantee quality and smooth processes. E+E Elektronik offers a comprehensive range in this area.

The precise and efficient monitoring of ambient conditions such as humidity or temperature play a key role, especially in the drying of battery components. The same applies to the semiconductor industry, where not only the climate is monitored, but also the gas flow is measured and controlled.

Production takes place almost exclusively in clean rooms in order to prevent contamination with foreign particles. In addition, the risk of electrostatic charges in the production room and corrosion damage due to condensation is very high, which is why E+E Elektronik specializes in laminar flow monitoring, differential pressure and humidity measurement.



Modular, Compact In-line Flow Meter for DN15 to DN50

The modular inline flow meter is dedicated for metering and monitoring of compressed air and technical gases in DN15 to DN50 (1/2" - 2") pipes. Outstanding measuring accuracy due to multi-point factory adjustment at 7 bar (102psi) air pressure.


Flow Sensor for Compressed Air and Gases

Flow Sensor for Compressed Air and Gases for DN15 - DN50 (1/2" - 2") and up to 16 bar (232 psi). The measurement ball valve permits rapid installation and removal with only a short interruption of the flow.


Insertion Mass Flow Meter for DN50 - DN700 (2" - 28") and Up to 16 bar (232 psi)

Insertion mass flow meter with patented non-return protection for secure mounting. Use in pipelines DN50 up to DN700 (2" to 28"). Installation and removal without interruption of the flow.


Flow Sensor for Compressed Air and Gases DN40 – DN80 / 40 bar

Multifunctional flow sensor for DN40 - DN80 (1 1/2" - 3") up to 40 bar (580 psi). Gauge mounting block with hot tap valve for installation and removal without interruption of the flow. Mounting possibility for pressure and dew point sensors.

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