Humidity Measurement - From the Sensing Element to the Humidity Transmitter

Humidity and temperature play an important role in meteorology. Exact measurement of these climatic values is the basis for appropriate forecasts and significant recordings. For demanding applications - like the requirement to recognize the danger of icing up - special solutions like heated humidity sensors have to be used.



Humidity and Temperature Sensor for High Humidity and Chemically Polluted Conditions

High-end industrial humidity and temperature sensor for accurate and long-term stable measurement in demanding applications from -80 °C to 180 °C (-112 °F to 356 °F) and 300 bar (4 351 psi).


Heated Humidity and Temperature Probe for Meteorology

The sensing probe has a dual heating system to deliver precise and reliable measuring results even at extreme levels of humidity.


High Precision Humidity and Temperature Probe

High measurement accuracy over a wide working range and low power consumption for indoor and outdoor measurements.


Heated Humidity Sensor for Radiosondes

HMC03M is optimized for very short RH response time even at very low temperature in the upper atmosphere.


Very Fast Humidity Sensor for Radiosondes

With its short response time at low temperature HC103M2 is dedicated for radiosondes and demanding meteorology applications.

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