Humidity Transmitters for Industrial Applications

Industrial applications place very high requirements on the accuracy and reliability of measuring devices and sensors. E+E humidity transmitters are designed for use under particularly demanding conditions.

  • Outstanding measuring accuracy and long-term stability, even under difficult environmental conditions, such as high humidity or chemical loads.
  • Robust and reliable, with a metal or polycarbonate enclosure as well as stainless steel probes.
  • Calculation of other physical quantities such as dew point, frost point or absolute humidity.
  • Developed for a wide temperature range from -40 °C to 180 °C (-40 °F to 356 °F).
  • Different designs provide flexibility: for wall or duct mounting as well as with various remote probes.
  • Easy mounting, maintenance and servicing thanks to modular enclosure concept.
  • Digital interfaces (RS485, Ethernet) for easy process integration.

Humidity Industrial Products

  • EE310 humidity/temperature sensor with multifunctional display


    High-end humidity and temperature sensor up to 180 °C (356 °F)

    Highly accurate and reliable measurement in most demanding applications. The state of the art TFT colour display with integrated data-logging offers extensive error diagnostics and intuitive device setup.

    More info about EE310
  • Sigma 05 - Modular Sensor Platform

    Sigma 05

    Modular Sensor Platform

    Sigma 05 is a versatile, user configurable sensor hub with analogue outputs and display. It accommodates up to three E+E pluggable, interchangeable probes. Plug and play functionality facilitate the setup of the sensor platform.

    More info about Sigma 05
  • Modular Humidity/Temperature Sensor


    Modular Humidity/Temperature Sensor

    Highly accurate humidity/temperature sensor for demanding climate control, agriculture and pharma industry with an interchangeable sensor module, sealed contact points and protected RH/T sensing element.

    More info about EE212
  • EE33 Humidity/Temperature Transmitter


    Industrial humidity and temperature transmitter for permanent high-humidity and polluted environment

    High accuracy measurement of relative humidity, temperature and dew point even at high humidity close to condensation or at high chemical load.

    More info about EE33
  • EE300Ex Humidity transmitter for intrinsically safe applications


    Humidity and temperature transmitter for intrinsically safe applications

    Measurement of humidity and temperature in explosion hazard areas for gas and dust. It complies with the classifications for Europe (ATEX), International (IECEx) and USA / Canada (FM).

    More info about EE300Ex
  • Intrinsically safe humidity and temperature sensor


    Intrinsically Safe Humidity and Temperature Sensor

    Reliable measurement of relative humidity (RH) and temperature (T) in explosion hazard areas. Complies with the ATEX (Europe) and IECEx (international) classifications for application in gas up to Zone 1.

    More info about EE100Ex
  • EE23 Humidity/Temperature Transmitter


    Cost Optimised Industrial Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

    Accurate and reliable measurement of relative humidity, temperature, dew point and frost point in the range -40…180 °C (-40…356 °F).

    More info about EE23
  • EE220 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter EE220


    Humidity and Temperature Transmitter with Interchangeable Probes

    The intelligent probes can be mounted directly onto the transmitter or remotely by cable. Ideal for FDA required loop calibration in pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

    More info about EE220
  • EE260 Humidity and temperature probe


    Heated Humidity and Temperature Probe for Meteorology

    The sensing probe has a dual heating system to deliver precise and reliable measuring results even at extreme levels of humidity.

    More info about EE260
  • EE33-M Humidity and Temperature Transmitter


    Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for High-end Meteorological Applications

    Exact measurement of humidity and temperature even at permanent high humidity. The dual heating system prevents condensation and ensures short response time and fast recovery after condensing conditions.

    More info about EE33-M
  • EE210 humidity temperature sensor


    Humidity and Temperature Sensor for Demanding Climate Control

    With encapsulated measurement electronics and E+E proprietary coating of the sensor element, EE210 offers outstanding performance even in polluted and corrosive environment.

    More info about EE210
  • EE211 high humidity and temperature sensor EE211


    Humidity and Temperature Sensor for Continuous High Humidity

    Outstanding long term performance in high humidity and condensing environment due to heated humidity probe.

    More info about EE211

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Made for the Challenges of Industrial Measurement Technology

E+E Humidity Transmitters: High-Precision and Long-Term Stability in Difficult Environments

Challenging environmental conditions, ranging from dust or dirt to chemical loads, for example, pose an issue in industrial measurement technology. Not only can contamination or deposits on the sensing element affect the measuring result, they can also lead to corrosion. This has a negative effect on the accuracy and service life of the sensors. This is exactly where the humidity transmitters from E+E Elektronik step in:

E+E proprietary coating

  • Extends the service life of the sensing elements in dust, dirt and oil-loaded and corrosive environments.
  • Improves the measuring performance and long-term stability as the sensor is protected against corrosive and electrically conductive contamination.

Sensor/probe heating

  • Enables continuous, accurate measurement in permanently high humidity.
  • Prevents condensation through controlled heating of the sensing element and probe.

High Flexibility for Individual Measurement Tasks

Every application is different, which is why E+E humidity transmitters feature:

  • A wide temperature range of -40 °C to 180 °C (-40 °F to 356 °F)
  • A variety of designs: wall and duct mounting, remote probe
  • An enclosure with a high protection class in a stainless steel or polycarbonate design
  • Different probes for process temperatures up to 180°C (356 °F) and pressure-tight up to 100 bar (1450 psi).

Versatile and Functional: For Maximum User-Friendliness

Not only must industrial measuring technology be reliable, it also needs to meet the individual requirements of the measurement task and the user’s needs. E+E humidity transmitters:

  • Automatically calculate further physical quantities such as dew point, absolute humidity and so on
  • Feature an integrated datalogger function (EE310)
  • Are available with or without a display
  • Offer a variety of output options: Analogue outputs or digital interface (RS485 or Ethernet)
  • Enable easy user configuration using free configuration software

Easy Mounting, Maintenance and Service

E+E humidity transmitters are designed so that the mounting and maintenance effort is as low as possible.

  • The modular enclosure concept means that the connection area and measurement unit are separate. Not only does this facilitate installation it also enables rapid replacement of the measurement unit for servicing or calibration.
  • Plug-in probes (optional) for quick probe replacement.

Special Application: Humidity and Temperature Measurement in Hazardous Areas

E+E Elektronik offers intrinsically safe transmitters for humidity measurement in potentially explosive environments, which:

  • Are certified according to ATEX, IECEx and other national standards for intrinsically safe equipment and therefore
  • Can be safely used in gas and dust hazardous areas.

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