Petroleum and Petrochemical

Sensor technology is a critical factor in the oil and gas industry. Continuous monitoring and precise measurements are essential to minimize unexpected failures and maintenance. Sensors in this field must be extremely accurate, reliable, and safe, especially in the natural gas sector.

With a share of almost 25%, natural gas continues to be an important energy source in Europe, used in particular for heating and hot water, but also for power generation and industry.

Natural gas is transported over long distances via pipelines. In order to keep the pipeline diameter small, the gas is compressed to up to 70 bar and expanded again to a few millibars by the time it reaches the end customer. With the EE300Ex combined dew point and temperature sensor with ATEX classification, E+E Elektronik supplies a proven and highly stable measuring device for demand-based control and energy optimization in natural gas pressure control systems.

Product range

Moisture in Oil

Oil condition sensors for moisture measurement in insulation, lubrication, transmission and hydraulic oils.


Humidity sensors and transmitters for process control, HVAC, OEM and mass applications

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