Humidity Measurement - From the Sensing Element to the Humidity Transmitter

Apart from pleasant temperature adapted air, humidity and low CO₂-content are decisive for a comfortable room climate with optimized energy costs. Climatic measurement and regulation are not only crucial for the well-feeling factor but also play an important role in the storage and preservation of exhibits



Room Sensor for Relative Humidity and Temperature

Room sensor with patented sensor technology, analogue outputs or RS485 interface and optional display. Ideal for building automation in residential and commercial applications.


Compact Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for HVAC and Building Technology

Compact humidity and temperature transmitter optimized for HVAC and building automation, with outstanding price/performance ratio. Analogue outputs and passive T sensor option. The clever enclosure design minimizes installation costs.


Humidity and Temperature Sensor for Building Management

Ideal for HVAC and building automation. Cost-effective and accurate measurement of relative air humidity and temperature.


Humidity and Temperature Sensor for Demanding Climate Control

With encapsulated measurement electronics and E+E proprietary coating of the sensor element, EE210 offers outstanding performance even in polluted and corrosive environment.


Modular Humidity / Temperature Sensor

Highly accurate humidity/temperature sensor for demanding climate control, agriculture and pharma industry with an interchangeable sensor module, sealed contact points and protected RH/T sensing element.

EE210 Outdoor

Humidity and Temperature Sensor for Outdoor and Meteorological Applications

EE210 Outdoor is optimised for relative humidity and temperature measurement in outdoor and meteorological applications.

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