Air Velocity Measurement

The E+E product portfolio includes transmitters, probes and hand-held meters for various applications:

  • Clean room or laminar flow control: high accuracy down to 0.15m/s (30ft/min).
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning: accurate and reliable performance up to 20m/s (4000 ft/min), very robust and highly resistant to pollution.
  • Industrial process control: outstanding performance up to 40 m/s (8000 ft/min) and temperature range -40...120 °C (-40...248°F)

Product range

Air Velocity Hand-held Meter

Multifunctional device for HVAC, industrial process, and laminar flow.

Air Flow Sensors and Probes

Dedicated for process control, building automation, clean rooms or laminar flow control.

Measurement Principle

All E+E air velocity measuring devices are based on the thermal anemometer principle. They employ E+E sensing elements manufactured in state-of-the-art thin film technology. Due to their design and small mass, the E+E sensing elements stand out by fast response time, as well as highest sensitivity even at very low air speed typical for clean rooms and laminar flow control.

The design of the sensing head of the transmitters and probes allows for excellent accuracy at high air speed in industrial process control. Thanks to their shape, size and materials choice the E+E thin film air velocity sensors are very resistant to polluting and corrosive agents. Thanks to modern transfer molding, the E+E sensing elements dedicated for harsh environment are very robust and insensitive to dirt and dust deposits.

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