CO₂ Measurement

Lowering of energy costs, acceleration of growth and extension of the possible storekeeping duration can be optimised by the precise measurement of humidity, CO₂-content and temperature. Optimum basic conditions for animals and plants ensure best agricultural products. As different applications demand various adopted solutions for optimization of agricultural processes, E+E Elektronik provides a broad portfolio of agricultural monitoring products



CO₂ Sensor for Demanding Applications

The EE820 CO₂ sensor is optimised for use in harsh, demanding applications, such as hatchers, incubators, life stock barns or greenhouses.


Modular 4 in 1 Probe for CO₂, Humidity, Temperature and Pressure

For reliable measurement of CO₂ concentration, relative humidity, temperature and ambient pressure. The heated versions of the EE872 are suitable for high humidity, condensing environment.

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