Dew Point Monitoring – Dew Point Sensors and Transmitters

Dew point sensors are used to measure and monitor the dew point temperature. The dew point (or dew point temperature) indicates the air temperature at which the water contained in the air will condense. If this occurs in a compressed air system, for example, this can lead to damage to the system and loss of quality in the end product.

Dew point sensors (condensation monitors) are used in building technology to assess the risk of condensation forming, on climate-control ceilings, in pipelines or control cabinets, for example, before it results in damage.

E+E dew point sensors enable reliable, high-precision dew point measurement based on the hygrometric measuring principle and are suitable for the following applications:

  • Dew point measurement in compressed air systems, refrigeration dryers and industrial drying processes.
  • Early detection of condensation on surfaces and pipelines (e.g. chilled ceilings, control cabinets, air conditioning systems).
  • Mobile, selective dew point measurement (hand-held meter) in the HVAC sector.

Product range

Condensation Monitor

Dewpoint monitor prevents reliably condesation on pipes or plane surfaces.

Dew Point Hand-Held Meter

For dew point measurement in HVAC applications.

Dew Point Transmitters

For dew point measurement of very low dewpoints. Monolithic dewpoint sensor for very high measurement accuracy.

Dew Point Sensors for Compressed Air Systems and Industrial Drying Processes

The dew point temperature plays an important role in compressed air systems and industrial drying processes, in particular. Excessive humidity in the compressed air or pipeline system can have costly consequences for process reliability, system availability and product quality. The compact dew point sensors from E+E Elektronik ensure exact and reliable dew point monitoring.

For low dew points down to -60 °C Td (-76 °F)

The E+E dew point sensors enable accurate measurement of particularly low dew point temperatures down to -60 °C Td (-76 °F). The high level of measuring accuracy is based on a high-quality dew point sensing element, developed by E+E, combined with an auto-calibration procedure.

E+E dew point sensors »


Dew Point Monitor for Reliable Condensation Warning

E+E’s condensation monitor accurately measures the air humidity by reference to the temperature of the surface to be measured and provides early warning of condensation formation. It can be mounted on plane surfaces and pipelines up to a diameter of 50 mm.

EE046 condensation monitor »


Hand-Held Meter for Dew Point Measurement

The multi-functional E+E Omniport 30 hand-held meter can be equipped with different, exchangeable probes. With an extensive probe library, it enables mobile measurement of a total of 23 physical quantities, including dew point temperature.

Omniport 30 hand-held meter »


Calibration of Dew Point Sensors at the E+E Calibration Laboratory

The E+E calibration laboratory offers accredited calibration of dew point sensors. The calibration range of the high-precision dew point calibration system ranges from -90 °C (-130 °F) frost point (Tf) to +95 °C (203 °F) dew point (Td).

More about accredited calibration of dew point sensors »

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