Power Generation

Living without electricity is unimaginable these days. Given the risks of a blackout, monitoring our power grid is of great importance. Turbo generators are mainly used in combination with gas or steam turbines in medium to large thermal power plants to generate electrical energy. Here, the user faces particular challenges concerning the most efficient possible turbine operation, effective cooling of the downstream generator, and trouble-free operation of the step-up transformers.
With the intrinsically safe EE300Ex humidity, temperature, and oil moisture transmitter E+E Elektronik offers the ideal solution for these critical applications. In addition, compact Moisture in Oil sensors are available specifically for monitoring insulating oils in non-explosive applications. These transmitters are used for real-time measurements in a wide range of applications. E+E Elektronik sensors are characterized by their extraordinary long-term stability. They are particularly resistant to contamination and provide early warnings of potential failures.

Product range

Moisture in Oil

Oil condition sensors for moisture measurement in insulation, lubrication, transmission and hydraulic oils.


Humidity sensors and transmitters for process control, HVAC, OEM and mass applications

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