Calibration Certificates From E+E Elektronik – Now Also Digital!

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Efficient Provision of Calibration Certificates – for a Fast Calibration

Traceability, accuracy and standard-compliant documentation are key issues when it comes to the accredited calibration of measuring equipment. Calibration certificates provide the proof. These must meet the highest standards - especially in sensitive areas such as the automotive or pharmaceutical industries. The accredited calibration laboratory at E+E Elektronik certifies your sensors quickly, reliably, independently of the manufacturer and in accordance with international quality standards. Now also in digital form.

Sensors play a crucial role in a wide range of applications. In modern manufacturing processes, it is necessary to precisely monitor and control the ambient conditions and document them in accordance with existing standards. The optimum performance of the measuring devices is ensured by periodic quality control iby qualified calibration procedures. This involves reproducibly determining and documenting the extent to which a measuring device deviates from a standard. Depending on the requirements, different types of calibration certificates are offered to prove the measuring accuracy. E+E Elektronik offers the following options:

  • Calibration from Designated Institutes (DI) or National Meteorological Institutes (NMI)
  • Calibration certificates from accredited calibration laboratories

Calibration Certificates From Designated Institutes (DI) or National Meteorological Institutes (NMI)

Certificates With the Highest Measuring Standards of a Country

National Metrological Institutes (NMIs) or Designated Institutes (DIs) commissioned by them maintain the highest measuring standards of a country and ensure the connection of measurements to the international system of units SI. By participating in international comparative measurements with other NMIs and by collaborating in technical committees, NMIs and DIs represent the highest reference of a measurand.

As a Designated Institute of the Republic of Austria/BEV for humidity, dew point, air flow velocity and CO₂gas concentration, E+E Elektronik is authorised to carry out calibrations at the level of a National Metrological Institute.

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Certificates From Accredited Calibration Laboratories

Calibration Certificates for Traceability to SI Base Units

Calibration Certificates for Traceability to SI Base Units

Calibration certificates from accredited laboratories are necessary if the measured values are to be traceable. They document the traceability to SI base units, i.e., they are internationally recognised and valid.

With a traceable calibration, there is an unbroken measurement chain up to a national standard or standard and thus to the SI base units. The advantage of measuring instruments that are traceable to national standards (and therefore usually also to international standards) is the worldwide comparability of the measurement results. The specification of measurement uncertainties, the determination of which includes the measurement process, is particularly important.

The calibration laboratory of E+E Elektronik is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 with the identification number 0608 by Akkreditierung Austria / Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy. Akkreditierung Austria carries out the accreditation and monitoring. Each accredited certificate issued for the calibration laboratory is approved by an authorised signatory.

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New: Digital Calibration Certificates From E+E Elektronik

Until now, the calibration certificates were sent to the customer by post together with the calibrated measuring device. With the digital certificate, E+E Elektronik is now joining the worldwide endeavours to make relevant data available digitally. In addition to significantly faster availability, the digital calibration certificate offers the advantage that all important information can be stored both centrally and directly with the systems.

"The continuous development of our services is very important to us. The digital calibration certificate now makes our service even faster. As soon as the calibration has been completed, you will receive all the necessary documents easily and directly by email."

Dietmar Pachinger, Head of Accredited Calibration Laboratory, E+E Elektronik

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