Dew Point Monitoring – Dew Point Sensors and Transmitters

Safe and reliable system performance is essential in the chemical industry. State-of-the-art sensors play an essential role in this. Reliable measurement of humidity, temperature and dew point increases operating efficiency and reduces long-term maintenance costs.

Especially in the production of powdery materials, highly accurate, robust and long-term stable moisture measurement ensures reliable process monitoring and high product quality.

In addition, the explosion-proof sensors from E+E Elektronik ensure safe conditions: sensitive products are sometimes stored temporarily as hazardous goods in storage rooms before further processing, which can lead to undesirable chemical reactions and a risk of explosion without reliable monitoring.



Dew Point Sensor / Transmitter for Industrial Drying Processes

The compact EE355 dew point transmitter with outstanding price/performance ration is otimised for applications in compressed air systems or industrial drying processes.

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