Enviromental Management

E+E Elektronik sets a high value on innovative and high quality products.
Besides that E+E also attaches a great importance to modern environmental protection. Therefore in the year 2002 an environmental management system according to the internationally recognized standard ISO 14001 was already introduced. A dedicated environmental representative worries about the observance and development of the environmental protection measures.

Meanwhile E+E Elektronik is certified according to ISO 14001 : 2015. Furthermore E+E joined the Austrias Climatic Alliance. The consistent performance of environmental-relevant measures was a profit for both - E+E Elektronik and the environment. After all plenty of things were scored:

  • Cost saving by smaller energy consumption, less waste, economical material employment
  • Safe-guarding of jobs and location by avoidance of environmental problems
  • Optimisation of workflows
  • Awarded as a company of Austrias Climatic Alliance, climate friendly company
  • ISO 14001 E+E Elektronik : Certification 2015
  • Award: climate friendly company
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