CO₂ Sensors and Transmitters for Demand Controlled Ventilation

Based on the dual wavelength NDIR technology, the CO₂ sensors and transmitters from E+E Elektronik compensate for ageing effects and offer outstanding long term performance even in continuous populated spaces.

Due to high insensitivity to pollution and outstanding temperature and pressure compensation, E+E CO₂ sensors can be used in demanding applications such as agriculture, hatchers, incubators, greenhouses or life stock barns.

CO₂ Sensors Products


CO₂ Sensor for Demanding Applications

The EE820 CO₂ sensor is optimised for use in harsh, demanding applications, such as hatchers, incubators, life stock barns or greenhouses.

Sigma 05

Modular Sensor Platform

Sigma 05 is a versatile, user configurable sensor hub with analogue outputs and display. It accommodates up to three E+E pluggable, interchangeable probes. Plug and play functionality facilitate the setup of the sensor platform.


CO₂ Sensor for Railway Applications

EE8915 complies with all relevant railway standards. It features dual wavelength NDIR principle, autocalibration, pressure and temperature compensation with on-board sensors.


CO₂, Temperature and Humidity Room Sensor

Dual wavelength NDIR CO₂ measurement principle with outstanding temperature compensation and long term stability. High end E+E capacitive humidity sensor.


CO₂, RH and T Duct Mount Sensor

The multi-parameter EE850 sensor is ideal for demand controlled ventilation and building automation. It features analogue outputs or RS485 interface with Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP protocol.

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