Modules and Probes for Humidity Measurement

Cost-effective humidity and temperature measurement in compact design. High accuracy and long term stability for OEM applications.

Humidity Modules and Probes Products

  • HTP501 - Digital humidity and temperature probe


    Digital Humidity and Temperature Probe

    The digital humidity and temperature probe is optimised for harsh environmental conditions and suitable for temperatures up to 120 °C (248 °F).

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  • EE060/EE061 humidity and temperature probe

    EE060 / EE061

    Humidity and Temperature Probe with Analogue Output

    Humidity and temperature probe with analogue outputs. Outstanding long term stability in polluted environment due to encapsulated electronics and robust sensor with E+E proprietary coating.

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  • EE072 humidity and temperature probe with digital interface


    Humidity and Temperature Probe with Digital Interface

    Highly accurate humidity and temperature probe with digital interface. Suitable for demanding process and climate control in industries like agriculture, food, pharma and clean rooms.

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  • EE08 humidity and temperature probe


    High Precision Humidity and Temperature Probe

    High measurement accuracy over a wide working range and low power consumption for indoor and outdoor measurements.

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  • EE046 Condensation monitor


    Condensation Monitor

    EE046 detects the danger of condensation on pipes, ducts and other surfaces before condensation actually occurs.

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  • EE07 humidity and temperature probe with digital output


    Humidity and Temperature Probe with Digital Output

    Compact design, digital output and M12x1 connector facilitate easy installation and replacement of the EE07 humidity and temperature probe.

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  • EE040 humidity and temperature sensor


    OEM Humidity and Temperature Sensor

    Accurate and long term stable compact, with voltage output and outstanding price/performance ratio.

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  • EE03 humidity and temperature sensor module


    Digital Humidity and Temperature Module

    A very small design and the digital output are ideal for OEM applications. Customised modifications such as different dimensions are possible.

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  • Humidity transmitter EE99-1


    Humidity and Temperature Module for OEM Applications

    High measurement accuracy over a broad working range makes EE99-1 the perfect humidity and temperature module for climate chambers.

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  • EE1900 relative humidity measurement module


    Humidity Measurement Module for OEM Applications

    Dedicated for accurate measurement in climate chambers. Automatic sensor recovery for best long term stability even in chemically polluted environment.

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