E+E Elektronik at ACHEMA | June 10-14, 2024

Step into the Green Zone and Unlock your Potential: Sensor-Powered Efficiency redefines Tomorrow.

Step into a sustainable world, where we showcase sensor-powered solutions and innovations that help you get more efficient. Our goal: higher reliability, more output, and greater sustainability - from process industries to hydrogen technology.


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Our highlights at ACHEMA

Maximize profits with sensor-powered efficiency in the process industries

In the dynamic realms of machine and plant engineering as well as in the pharmaceutical sector, optimizing processes is not just a goa - it's a necessity. Whether it is focusing on industrial drying technology, where robust moisture and temperature measurement technology must withstand the demanding conditions. Or monitoring pressure and CO₂ in production and storage. Ensuring precise lubrication by measuring moisture in oil. Maintaining clean room conditions or monitoring mass flow or dew point in compressed air and technical gases - the challenges remain the same: cost pressure and the pursuit of high-quality standards.  

E+E Elektronik’s portfolio is aimed to tackle these challenges: a wide working range of industrial sensors that are suitable for various processes and safety-relevant measurements which can withhold extreme challenging conditions. Completed by an extensive service and support network and calibration services which ensure quick response times. All this helps minimize downtime and therefore save costs.

Step into the Green Zone at ACHEMA to unlock your potential!

Drying Process Controls

Optimize drying times and energy usage with real-time temperature and humidity monitoring.


High-End Humidity and Temperature Sensor Up to 180 °C (356 °F)

Highly accurate and reliable measurement in most demanding applications. The state of the art TFT colour display with integrated data-logging offers extensive error diagnostics and intuitive device setup.

Pharma Warehouse and Quality Testing

Ensure the quality of your products and inventory with accurate temperature, pressure, humidity and CO2 level measurements.


Humidity and Temperature Sensor for Demanding Climate Control

With encapsulated measurement electronics and E+E proprietary coating of the sensor element, EE210 offers outstanding performance even in polluted and corrosive environment.

Sigma 05

Modular Sensor Platform

Sigma 05 is a versatile, user configurable sensor hub with analogue outputs and display. It accommodates up to three E+E pluggable, interchangeable probes. Plug and play functionality facilitate the setup of the sensor platform.


Temperature Probe with Modbus RTU

Measures accurately the temperature of air, gases and liquids. The probe features a RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol.


Modular 4 in 1 Probe for CO₂, Humidity, Temperature and Pressure

For reliable measurement of CO₂ concentration, relative humidity, temperature and ambient pressure. The heated versions of the EE872 are suitable for high humidity, condensing environment.

Lube Oil Controls

Optimize the maintenance intervals and service life of your machines by monitoring moisture in oil level of lubricants.


Insertion Moisture in Oil Probe with Modbus RTU

Precisely measures the moisture in transformer, lubricating or hydraulic oil as well as in diesel fuel. The stainless steel probe can be used in oils up to 120 °C and 20 bar pressure.


High-End Moisture in Oil Transmitter with multifunctional Display

Transmitter for online monitoring of moisture in industrial oils and diesel fuel. The remote probe can be easily installed and removed with the optional ball valve.


Compact Moisture in Oil Transmitter

Compact and rugged inline moisture in oil transmitter with high accuracy and excellent long-term stability.

Cleanroom Monitioring

Guarantee compliance with product safety and conformity with continuous monitoring of pressure and air flow levels.


Air Velocity Sensor for Laminar Flow Monitoring

The GMP compliant EE680 sensor measures accurately the air velocity and the temperature in clean rooms.


Low Differential Pressure Sensor

Multi-range, user configurable and adjustable with ± 0.5 Pa accuracy and full scale ± 100 Pa

Compressed Air Applications

Improve the efficiency of your production and ensure the quality of your operating resources with the high-precision measurement of flow and dew point in your compressed air systems.


Insertion Mass Flow Meter for DN50 - DN700 (2" - 28") and Up to 16 bar (232 psi)

Insertion mass flow meter with patented non-return protection for secure mounting. Use in pipelines DN50 up to DN700 (2" to 28"). Installation and removal without interruption of the flow.


Modular, Compact In-line Flow Meter for DN15 to DN50

The modular inline flow meter is dedicated for metering and monitoring of compressed air and technical gases in DN15 to DN50 (1/2" - 2") pipes. Outstanding measuring accuracy due to multi-point factory adjustment at 7 bar (102psi) air pressure.


Flow Sensor for Compressed Air and Gases

Flow Sensor for Compressed Air and Gases for DN15 - DN50 (1/2" - 2") and up to 16 bar (232 psi). The measurement ball valve permits rapid installation and removal with only a short interruption of the flow.


Dew Point Sensor / Transmitter for Industrial Drying Processes

The compact EE355 dew point transmitter with outstanding price/performance ration is otimised for applications in compressed air systems or industrial drying processes.

From H₂ to Power: Sensor-powered efficiency for a profitable hydrogen production

The power generation sector needs to meet the demands of sustainability, making clean energy solutions a key success factor. Hydrogen is emerging as a promising energy carrier to reduce carbon emissions in the oil and gas industry. Hydrogen presents challenges in terms of production, transport, storage and use. Therefore expert consultation on accurate and reliable measurement especially for humidity, temperature and air velocity is essential. The challenges in this area include the imperative to avoid failures in fuel cells and humidifiers, while also complying with rigorous quality and environmental standards.

The precise dew point sensors from E+E Elektronik ensure seamless monitoring of membrane humidification and thus guarantee the quality of the fuel cell processes. With its own sensor development and state-of-the-art coating technology, E+E Elektronik also ensures long-term stability and reliability.

Step into the Green Zone for a profitable hydrogen production - experience the difference at ACHEMA!

H₂ Fuel Cell Test Bench

Seamless monitoring of membrane humidification to fine-tune your processes and maximize the service life while minimizing energy consumption.


Humidity and Temperature Sensor for High Humidity and Chemically Polluted Conditions

High-end industrial humidity and temperature sensor for accurate and long-term stable measurement in demanding applications from -80 °C to 180 °C (-112 °F to 356 °F) and 300 bar (4 351 psi).


Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for Intrinsically Safe Applications

Measurement of humidity and temperature in explosion hazard areas for gas and dust. It complies with the classifications for Europe (ATEX), International (IECEx) and USA / Canada (FM).

Get ready to revolutionize the way you monitor air flow and temperature!

Teaser New Air Flow Sensor

Our brand new sensor is about to hit the market and is designed to set a new standard in precision air flow measurement.

With its ceramic hot film sensor element, it delivers unparalleld precision even in applications with high levels of vibration. Leading to: increased product quality, reduced energy consumption, and improved process optimization.

Ready to see it in action? Join us at the ACHEMA for an exclusive first look. Get ready to step into the Green Zone and elevate your operations - experience the new sensor live!

Step into the Green Zone and experience our calibration competence.

Calibrating Your Limits

Bring your sensor and calibrate your device live at ACHEMA.

As one of the leaders in the calibration field, E+E Elektronik ensures your instruments are calibrated to the highest quality standards. This guarantees optimal performance and compliance.

Discover the value of working with an expert in calibration that prioritizes accuracy, speed and reliability.

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