Differential pressure sensors

E+E differential pressure sensors are suitable for applications in HVAC and building automation, clean rooms, hospitals, laboratories, isolation chambers or in the pharmaceutical industry. The highly accurate devices can be employed for all non-flammable and non-aggressive gases. The piezo-resistive pressure sensing element stands out by excellent long-term stability, measures even minimal pressure differences and excludes the risk of cross-contamination.

Pressure Sensors Products

  • Low Differential Pressure Sensor


    Low Differential Pressure Sensor

    Multi-range, user configurable and adjustable with ± 0.5 Pa accuracy and full scale ± 100 Pa

    More info about EE610
  • Differential Pressure Sensor


    Differential Pressure Sensor

    Multi-range, user configurable / adjustable and ± 0.5 % accuracy of the full scale 1000 Pa or 10000 Pa.

    More info about EE600

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