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The EE600 is dedicated for the highly accurate measurement of differential air pressure in ventilation and air conditioning systems or for filter monitoring. Additionally, it can be employed for all non-flammable and non-aggressive gases.

  • EE600 differential pressure sensor for wall mounting with display

  • EE600 differential pressure sensor for wall mounting

    Measurement Performance
    The EE600 is available with full scale (FS) 1,000 Pa (4 inch Water Column) and 10,000 Pa (40 inch WC) and offers an outstanding accuracy of ± 0.5 % FS. For the versions with analogue outputs, several measuring ranges are selectable with DIP-switches. The piezo-resistive pressure sensing element ensures highly accurate and long-term stable measurements.

    Analogue and Digital Outputs
    The measured data is available on the analogue voltage and current outputs or on the RS485 interface with Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP protocol.

    Functional and Robust
    The IP65 / NEMA 4 enclosure minimizes installation costs. External mounting holes allow for installation with closed cover, the electronics are thus protected against construction site pollution.

    Configurable and Adjustable
    The setup and adjustment can be easily performed with DIP-switches and push buttons on the electronics board (EE600 with analogue outputs) or with an optional adapter and the free EE-PCS configuration software (EE600 with RS485 interface). The setup includes pressure range, output signal, response time, display units and backlight. Beside differential pressure measurement, the EE600 can be set up for volume flow or air velocity measurement, as well as for filter monitoring or level indication.

    Key Features

    • ± 0.5 % FS accuracy
    • Multi-range measurement
    • Digital and analogue output
    • Fully configurable
    • Large graphic display
    • Installation-friendly enclosure

    Technical data

    Measuring range
    I: 0...250 / 500 / 750 / 1000 Pa
    II: 0...2500 / 5000 / 7500 / 10000 Pa
    Accuracy - *Full Scale (1000 Pa or 10000 Pa)
    ±0.5 % FS*

    Overload limits
    0...1000 Pa ± 10000 Pa
    0...10000 Pa ± 80000 Pa
    Analog outputs - selectable with DIP switches
    0-5 V or 0-10 V and
    0-20 mA or 4-20 mA
    Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP

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