Humidity and Temperature Sensor for Continuous High Humidity

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The EE211 is dedicated for accurate and long term stable measurement under continuous high humidity (>85 % RH) and condensing conditions in demanding climate control.

  • EE211 high humidity and temperature sensor with remote probe

    It features a heated humidity probe and an interchangeable temperature probe. Excellent performance of EE211 even in polluted, aggressive environment is ensured by the combination of completely encapsulated measurement electronics inside the humidity probe and the long-term stable HCT01 sensor with E+E proprietary coating.

    The EE211 enclosure is rated IP65/NEMA 4, minimizes installation costs and provides outstanding protection against pollution and condensation. All measured and calculated values are available on the Modbus RTU interface whereas two of the values are available on the analogue voltage or current (3-wire) output. Additionally up to three values can be shown simultaneously on the optional illuminated display.

    With the optional USB configuration adapter the user can set the Modbus RTU interface parameters, the display format, the measured parameters and the output scaling. Furthermore, the user can perform an one or two point humidity and temperature adjustment. The T probe can also be adjusted separate, whereby the reference can be a high accuracy dry block calibrator.


    • Fruit and vegetable storage
    • Cooling, ripening and environmental chambers
    • Green houses, incubators and mushroom industry

    Technical data

    Measuring range Humdity
    0...100% RH
    Accuracy Humdity - °measured value
    -5...30 °C: ±(1.3+0.007*mv°)% RH
    Measuring range Temperature
    -40...60 °C (-40...140 °F)
    Accuracy Temperature at 20°C (68°F)
    ±0.1 °C
    Analogue outputs
    0-5/10 V or 0/4-20 mA
    Digital output
    RS485 or Modbus RTU
    24V AC/DC

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