Heated Humidity Sensor for Radiosondes

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HMC03M is optimized for short response time even at very low temperature in the upper atmosphere. It combines on a silicon substrate a capacitive relative humidity sensor and a heating resistor (heater).

  • HMC03M heated humidity sensor

  • Response time for HMC03M

    The heater is dedicated for fast recovery of the humidity sensor after condensation or icing. This leads to outstanding measuring performance in high-end weather observation.

    Key Features

    • Very short response time even at low temperature
    • Fast recovery after condensation or icing due to sensor heating
    • High sensitivity and outstanding linearity

    Technical data

    Nominal capacitance C0 (at 30 °C / 86 °F)
    120 ± 40 pF
    Sensitivity (for C0 = 120 pF, in average)
    0.41 pF / % RH
    Response time t63 (see Graph for details)
    < 8 sec. at -30 °C (-22 °F)
    < 11 sec. at -40 °C (-40 °F)
    Working range temperature
    -80...60 °C (-112...140 °F)

    Working range humidity
    0...100 % RH
    Linearity (0...98% RH)
    < ± 2 % RH

    Calibrating your limits

    Your products and services can only be as precise as the tools you use to measure them. With more than 20 years of experience, the calibration team of E+E Elektronik focuses on providing a reliable service without any unnecessary delays or bias.

    Discover the value of working with an expert in calibration that prioritizes

    • accuracy,
    • fastness and
    • reliability

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