Detect Leaks, Reduce Compressed Air Costs - With Compressed Air Monitoring for More Efficiency in Compressed Air Use

If it is unclear how much compressed air is consumed at which points in the compressed air system, bad investment decisions are often made. If compressed air costs are too high, the response is to purchase new, energy-efficient compressors - without knowing exactly what the problem is. 

Up to 20 percent of the total energy costs of a production plant are attributable to compressed air generation

The Compressed Air Costs Are Too High. Do We Need New Compressors?

The response to high compressed air costs is often to invest in new, more energy-efficient compressors. However, this is not always necessary. 

The compressor is only one part of the entire system and often not the cause of the high operating costs. A far greater share of the poor efficiency of a compressed air system is often due to hidden leaks in the pipe network.

Leaks Are the Main Cause of Excessive Compressed Consumption 

Between 25 and 40 percent of the compressed air generated is lost due to leaks in the compressed air network. This is the result of the Compressed Air Efficiency campaign conducted by the independent Fraunhofer Institute. Flow meters shed light on compressed air consumption and help detect leaks and reduce compressed air costs. 

Leak Detection with Thermal Flow Meters

Thermal flow meters can be used to accurately measure the volumetric flow in the compressed air line. Losses due to leaks can be reliably detected and eliminated by appropriate measures. The investment in flow meters usually pays dividends after a short time thanks to the energy savings achieved.


Compressed Air Monitoring Should Cover the Entire Compressed Air System

If you want to increase the system efficiency of a compressed air system in the long term, you should not just look for isolated causes, but analyse the entire compressed air system. This offers detailed insights into the actual compressed air consumption, the capacity utilisation of the compressors and the leakage rate in the compressed air network. 

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In a 6 bar (87 psi) compressed air system a leak with a diameter of 5 mm can already cause annual costs of 20,000 euros.

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