New CO₂ Sensor for Railway Applications

The EE8915 from E+E Elektronik meets all relevant railway standards for reliable CO₂ measurement in railway vehicles, e.g. in the passenger compartment or driver's cab. On-board sensors ensure high CO₂ measurement accuracy independently of temperature, altitude or weather conditions. Due to excellent measurement performance in harsh environment, the sensor is also suitable for demanding process and climate control.

Long-Term Stable CO₂ Measurement

The E+E NDIR dual wavelength infrared measuring principle is particularly insensitive to contamination and automatically compensates for ageing effects. The EE8915 thus offers excellent long-term stability even under harsh conditions. The multi-point CO₂ and temperature factory adjustment ensures high measuring accuracy over the entire temperature range from -40 °C to +60 °C (-40…+140 °F).

High Protection Class and Short Response Time

Due to its innovative design, the CO₂ sensor offers a unique combination of short response time and high protection class IP65 / NEMA 4.

Active Pressure and Temperature Compensation

On-board sensors allow for active temperature and pressure compensation. The EE8915 therefore provides accurate CO₂ readings even under changing environmental conditions.

Versatile and Configurable

The CO₂ measured data in the range 0...2000 / 5000 / 10000 ppm is simultaneously available as current and voltage output. The USB service interface facilitates the configuration and adjustment.

Easy Mounting

The EE8915 is available for wall or duct mount, with M12 connector or fixed cable. The robust polycarbonate enclosure remains closed during installation, which optimally protects the electronics.



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