EE75 - High Accuracy Air Flow Sensor for Industrial Applications

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The EE75 air velocity transmitters are optimized for high accuracy up to 40 m/s (8000 ft/min) over the temperature range -40...120 °C (-40...248 °F).

  • EE75 air velocity sensor for ductmounting with display

  • EE75 air velocity sensor with remote probe

    The high-end air velocity sensor element operates on the hot film anemometer principle and which stands out by high sensitivity even at very low air speed and high insensvity to pollution. T

    he robust sensing probe and enclosure allow for EE75 use in harsh industrial environment as well as in applications with pressure rating up to 10 bar (145 psi).

    Beside measuring air velocity and temperature, EE75 calculates the volumetric flow rate in m³/h or ft³/min based on the cross section of the duct, with an appropriate factory correction. The EE75 can be used to measure the velocity of various non-flammable and non-corrosive gases.

    Technical data

    Measuring range Air Velocity
    0...2 m/s (0...400 ft/min)
    0...10 m/s (0...2000 ft/min)
    0...40 m/s (0...8000 ft/min)
    Accuracy Air Velocity
    0.06...2 m/s: ±0.03 m/s
    0.15...10 m/s: ±(0.1 m/s + 1% of mv)
    0.2...40 m/s: ±(0.2 m/s + 1% of mv)
    Measuring range Temperature
    -40...120 °C (-40...248°F)
    Accuracy Temperature
    ±0.5 °C (±0.9 °F)
    Operating range
    0...40 m/s (0...8000 ft/min)
    -40...120 °C (-40...248 °F)
    pressure-tight models up to max. 10bar
    freely scaleable in the ranges of
    0-10V and 0-20mA (e.g. 4...20mA)
    24V AC/DC

    Calibrating your limits

    Your products and services can only be as precise as the tools you use to measure them. With more than 20 years of experience, the calibration team of E+E Elektronik focuses on providing a reliable service without any unnecessary delays or bias.

    Discover the value of working with an expert in calibration that prioritizes

    • accuracy,
    • fastness and
    • reliability

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