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Mohammad completed his apprenticeship as an electronics technician with us and now works as a maintenance technician.

Mohammad did not have it easy at the beginning, as he also had to learn the German language, but his ambition did not let up.

Mohammad, what does your workday at E+E Elektronik look like?

During our apprenticeship, we regularly change workplaces and departments in order to gain valuable insights and a general picture of the company and its activities. That means I can't tell you about a "typical" working day, because my training here is so varied that no two days are the same. But what I can tell you is that my favourite time part of my apprenticeship was in the development department. I think it's really exciting to be around when something new is created. I've always been interested in understanding how components are built, and how they work, and why. The story behind each product. This is why electronics technician is also my absolute dream job and I am grateful to be able to carry on working at E+E Elektronik after my apprenticeship.

In June 2022, I successfully completed my apprenticeship and I'm now employed full-time in maintenance. The tasks are really exciting and interesting and I can look forward to new and different challenges every day. We take care of maintaining and servicing the manufacturing equipment, and troubleshoot and analyse faults to prevent them recurring. I spend the whole day in the company working on the various machines and systems – sometimes in the cleanroom, the greyroom and then back to Production.

What is special about your work for you personally?

The people at work. I have made friends here. I feel totally at ease here, and E+E Elektronik has become my second home. It’s like family!

Besides good professional collaboration, there are also shared activities after work. There are various offerings, from hiking, to going out to have meals together, beach volleyball or soccer – I like to join in with the action.

I also think the carpool we formed from Linz is cool. Now that there is a bus stop right in front of the house, we also like to ride the bus to work together.

What makes E+E Elektronik the right employer for you?

At the start, it was difficult for me because of the language, but I really wanted to start my training at this company. I was given a placement about a year before my apprenticeship and I liked it right from the start. The people here are so friendly and helpful. And the company and the works council gave me massive support in getting my residence permit. I would especially like to thank Alex and Kati again for that.

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