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Birgit is production employee at elements production.

Birgit has been working as a production employee in the company for 30 years and loves to be able to prove her fingertip feeling in the elements production every day all over again. 

Birgit, what does your workday at E+E Elektronik look like?

We start each day with a short meeting and the shift supervisor gives each of us a work schedule with the orders that need to be completed. In the Elements Production, we solder and bond a total of 14 products. Because the circuit boards are sensitive, we also work in the greyroom in some cases. Much of the work is manual and it requires accuracy and dexterity. During visual inspection, the production work is closely scrutinised once again before being further processed or packaged for the customer.

What is special about your work for you personally?

I love to work precisely and that is exactly what's needed in my job. I really enjoy bonding sensors; I can concentrate on my work, and it's easy to do thanks to my many years of experience. I set very high standards for myself and my work: I always look to deliver clean and attractive work, AND work quickly. Besides my work, what is special for me is the special sense of belonging that I share with my colleagues. Since I've been with the company for 30 years, many friendships have developed and that makes everything feel very familiar for me.

What makes E+E Elektronik the right employer for you?

When it comes down to it, we all stick together – and the company offers many social benefits. What definitely also ensures a good sense of togetherness is the many employee activities outside working hours, such as the company outing, the Christmas Party or the Summer Fete, where we are constantly surprised by the team activities. The funniest thing for me was the soapbox race a few years ago at the Summer Fete.

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