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Miriam is employee at sensor production.

After more than 23 years with the company, Miriam is now squaring up to a new challenge and starting the Qualitech training program. She sees the offer as an additional opportunity for further development.

Miriam, what does your workday at E+E Elektronik look like?

In production, we work in a 2-shift system (early and afternoon shift from Monday to Friday). At the start of my working day, I receive my work assignments from my group lead. Throughout the day, I am free to organise my tasks as I see fit: starting with sensor coating, product assembling, reference testing, quality testing... I never get bored, because I'm on the go in production all day.

What is special about your work for you personally?

The people here – from production staff to management – everyone is friendly, helpful and contributes to the great working atmosphere. What I like about my job as an operator is the regular, clean work and that I have to work very precisely, because these are sensitive products and we at E+E Elektronik have the highest quality standards! This makes dexterity very important.

What makes E+E Elektronik the right employer for you?

E+E Elektronik is like a second family to me and even after so many years here, you get the chance to develop. Just recently, I was approached by my line manager about doing the Qualitech training. The timing is just right for me now and I am looking forward to this new challenge!

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