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Lara is one of our apprentices and is training to become an office manager.

Lara appreciates working independently, our flexitime model and her short commute.

Lara, what does your workday at E+E Elektronik look like?

I like to start work at 6:00 a.m., because in the morning I can enjoy the peace and quiet in the office and can catch up on whatever was left over from the previous day without any interruptions. I'm currently working in Sales and Marketing in the department that's responsible for the EMEA region. I help to generate leads there, enter the data into our CRM and carefully file various documents from our customers.

I change departments every three to four months. This gives me a good overall impression of the company's administrative activities during my apprenticeship and a far better understanding of internal workflows. And you're continually getting to know new people.

What is special about your work for you personally?

After extensive training in the new department, I am also allowed to work independently as an apprentice; I enjoy that. That's why I also benefit from the flexitime model and can schedule my work independently. This way, I am able to start early in the morning and leave earlier in the afternoon, no matter what my co-workers like to do.

I also think it's great that we apprentices get along very well with each other, and we're well networked. I also meet the electronics apprentices in the same way and we help each other with many things.

What makes E+E Elektronik the right employer for you?

The fact that I enjoy the work. No matter what departments I have been in so far, everyone has always been friendly and helpful; I feel really at home at E+E Elektronik and get along well with everyone. I really liked it after just a one-day placement; fortunately this feeling was also confirmed during my apprenticeship and I am really happy with my decision to complete my apprenticeship as an office administrator here.

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